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👉 People across the country are sending over $250,000 in stimulus checks to neighbors in need. Each news story leads to $10,000 in pledges. Our goal is $1,000,000 across all 50 states. Can you help us get there?


"This is exactly the type of feel good story that we need right now." - Local CBS Anchor

Sample Coverage from 1st round of Stimulus Checks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone really needs their check?
Please don't donate your check if you need it. We're not trying to pressure people into donating checks that they need.

How does it work?
1. People hear about us
2. People visit the site & pledge
3. People give directly to their cause

Where are people pledging?
Our two most popular causes are local food banks and neighbors. Lots of folks are donating to friends and family who can't work. You can see all the pledges here.

Do you collect money?
Nope. No money is exchanged on the site. We're encouraging people to donate directly to a person or organization they know and trust.

What happens after people pledge?
We're following up with people who pledge to ask them to let us know when they complete their donation.

Who helped make this?
Pledge My Check is 100% volunteer run. Meet the volunteers here. We could use more people. Email us if you or someone you know wants to help.

There's so much bad news now days... If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own!

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